Dwight Ellard

Dwight D. Ellard has served as the Chief Operating Officer of Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church in Washington, DC since 1989. His range of responsibilities cover the circumference of managing all business affairs for the church and its 8,000 members, serving as one of the managers for a staff of over 96 full-time church and school employees, and serving as one of the right arms to his Pastor. Although Dwight has an extremely full schedule as COO, he continues to serve the ministry as a Deacon and member of the Trustee Board. His duties on the Trustee Board entails the additional business of the church as directed by the trustees to include making deposits, counting money, overseeing auxiliary accounts, overseeing payroll, preparing financial statements, and assisting in the establishment of office and church policies and procedures. He has also been responsible for leading the 6:00 AM church prayer since 1987.

In addition to his responsibilities, Dwight serves as the National Treasurer of the Mount Calvary Holy Churches of America. He is also serves as an Executive Board Member and the Business Manager for the Network for Church Administrators, an organization established to promote excellence in church administration.

Dwight was born in Fort Riley, Kansas, on August 25, 1956. He attended the District of Columbia’s public schools, and furthered his education at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. In 1978, he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.

In 1981, Dwight married the former Tammy Lee Cranford. Through this union, Dwight and Tammy were blessed with one child, Jessica Lauren, born on December 4, 1983. In 1983, Dwight, Tammy and Jessica joined the Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church. Since joining “Calvary”, Dwight has served on various auxiliaries. These auxiliaries include the Alfred A. Owens Chorale, the Mass Choir, the Pastor’s Anniversary Committee, the Male Choir, and both the Deacon and Trustee Boards.

Dwight’s dedication to the ministry and the care in which he takes in managing the church business is an extension of his genuine love for God and His people.

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